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CSL DETROIT 24/24 Season Deposit


ARENA - Little Caesars Arena

RED WINGS ALUMNI - Darren McCarty & Joey Kocur 

Full Cost - $400-$480

DATE - TBD —The Official date will be announced once the 24/25 NHL schedule is released (late July). In the meantime, we are filling the rosters; if the date doesn't work out for any reason, deposits are 100% refundable.



Playing Shinny with Red Wings Alumni is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You won't get any closer to feeling like a real NHL player!


Treat yourself to an amazing experience or surprise that special fan in your life with an exceptional gift!


Everything included in the CSL Detroit Event...A Ton!

CSL Detroit - Roster Spot on Team Kocur or Team McCarty. Positions and team choices are first-come-first-serve. Chirp in the dressing room and skate on the ice with Red Wing Legends!

ARNEA - Little Caesars Arena 

1 NHL Red Wing Game Ticket + Post game Meet'N'Greet. Mingle, chirp, talk hockey, and reminisce about the old days.

Jerseys with custom size/number/name, socks, undershirt, and memorabilia for autographs are included!

A Professional Photographer will shoot the entire event, and every player will have time for personal pictures with Joey and Darren

All Spectators are Free - Spectators must be a friend or family member of a player


Goalies - SOLD OUT!! 1 Back-Up Goalie spot is available,

Yes, you play the full game, and yes, goalies pay the same...about time! 


Can't skate? Coach! 1 Coaching Spot is available.

Both Teams need coaches! Ask about our coaching positions and experience the entire event!

Contact for details.


All Spectators are Free
Spectators must be a friend or family member of a player.


%100 Money Back Guarantee up to 8 weeks prior to the event if a player cannot attend for any reason. 


For questions, custom solutions, multiple tickets, group discounts, or payment installment plans, please contact;

Murray Sheehan



Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions

CSL DETROIT 24/25 Season Deposit

Out of Stock
  • To be eligible to play, you must be at least 18.

    Shinny Game will run for 1hr to 1.5hrs depending on the arena.

    Both teams must be ready to play 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

    Standard non-contact rules apply.

    No slap shots

    Only CSA/USA-approved equipment is allowed.

    Fighting will result in an immediate and automatic ejection from the ENTIRE event.

    Any lack of control exhibited by a player will result in ejection from the game and possibly the remainder of the event.

    CSL Events are meant to be FUN & non-competitive; aggressive or unfair play won't be tolerated.

    All skill levels are welcome, please give space to any beginners, and avoid contact.

    Keep your shifts short and fair - 1-1.5 minutes.

    No Refs - we keep the play moving. The only face-off is at the beginning of the game.

    Give goalies space to play the puck after a save.

    When a team scores, leave the zone to allow the other team to break out.

    Penalties, offsides, and icing are self-regulated, if any occur the other team gets possession.

    There is a 1-minute break between periods, Goalies do not change ends

    The team picture will be at center-ice immediately at the end of the game.

    Individual pictures with NHL Alumni will be immediately after the Team picture. Please line up at the blue line.

    Get off the ice immediately, as the NHL crew needs time to prepare for the NHL Game.

    All event rules, regulations, and prices are subject to change, and any decisions made by organizers are final. Other conditions may apply.

  • All Credit Card/PayPal invoices will be charged in Canadian Funds. Your Credit Card & PayPal Account will converted automatically - USD/CAD exchange rate changes daily, resulting in quoted prices varying.

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