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Join the Roster, then check your email for event registration & pricing!

Once you add your name you will receive an email (check your spam) with current events in each city along with available pricing, this will also get you priority access to future events as they are confirmed, events are first come first serve, and fill up instantly.

Each event is unique and costs vary based on NHL City, NHL Suites/Tickets, Private Suite Tickets, Playoffs, Pre or Afterparty local, Celebs 1&2, non-celeb events, viewing parties, etc. These events are meant to be amazing experiences and the cost will adjust accordingly.

We are always adding new events and looking for participants! if you are interested in playing shinny/pick-up with NHL Celebs, in NHL Arenas, or watching NHL games in Private Suites with your favorite NHL heros, please add your name to the roster.

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